As the culminating project in World Studies CP, you will be in charge of creating a website with a partner about World War II.

Your website needs to include:
  • Key information about:
    • Rise of Dictators in Europe
    • The Beginning of WWII
    • Major Events of WWII (Major battles)
    • U.S. Involvement in WWII
    • Japan's Pacific Campaign
    • The Holocaust
    • The Allied Victory
    • The Aftermath of WWII
    • One optional area (example: propaganda, military vehicles, focus on a major battle, etc.)
  • Pictures (three minimum)
  • Videos (one minimum)
  • Maps (one minimum)
  • A list of cited sources (located at the bottom of your page)

This project will be worth 150 points and will be due on Friday, May 22nd. It will require you to spend some time outside of class working with your partner to complete.