There are a multitude of functions available to us through our World Studies CP Wikispaces page.

Creating Your Own Page
  1. Use your login information to sign into the website.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the link that says "New Page."
  3. Give your page a proper title - use correct grammar and punctuation. Titles for your Wikipage should follow the same rules as titles for papers. (Effects of the Scientific Revolution rather than effects of the scientific revolution).
  4. Create a tag for your page. You MUST include the tag "student" and your class period (period a, period b, etc.). You also should include the subject of your page as a tag. To create a tag, type in your word and press enter. You follow the same steps to add additional tags.
  5. To edit your page - click the "Edit" link in the top right of your page. An editable screen will come up.
  6. When you're finished editing, make sure you click "Save" on the editor toolbar.
  7. You may go back and edit your page at any time until your teacher locks the website upon due date.

Note: The best way to add content outside of text and links to your pages is to use the "Widget" option on your editor toolbar. You can add pictures, You Tube videos, maps, audio, documents, and other items through this application.

  1. To answer questions or add comments on a particular page, you must click the "Discussion" tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the button that reads "+ New Post."
  3. Fill out the subject line and message box.
  4. Click the "Post" button upon completion.

Wikispaces Rules
  1. All content will be closely monitored.
  2. Everything that you edit with your account shows up as such. Nothing done on this page is anonymous, so choose what you edit carefully.
  3. You are not to edit the page of any other student. If you do so, you will get a zero on the project and face disciplinary action.
  4. You must use appropriate and proper grammar and punctuation. Your grade on all projects related to this site will drop if you don't proof read what you write.
  5. All comments will be monitored closely. Behave accordingly.
  6. Once a due date is passed, the corresponding assignment pages will be locked and future editing will not be possible. Make sure you plan properly to meet all due dates.
  7. Usernames and passwords are assigned by Mr. Monroe. DO NOT give your username or passowrd to another student. You are completely responsible for all content edited under your username.